Aus Records — Youandewan

A debut album inspired by the balance of nature and industry

Youandewan is Ewan Smith, a DJ and producer who has quietly but consistently gone about forging his own tender brand of deep house. The Berlin-based Brit’s ten track ‘There Is No Right Time’ is his debut full length and shows a distinct development of his musical style. 

Much of the music was sketched out during a wintery Berlin three years ago. Having left London, hungover from a break-up, Smith found himself broke and secluded in an apartment for four months. All this lent the music he wrote a melancholic vibe; one that nods to the lonely nature of the job and to the darker side of constant partying and all that comes with it. 

To echo the sentiment of the music therein we used a photograph of an old abandoned mental health institution in East Berlin, showing the balance of the industrial building and the greenery of nature fighting back against it. Wrapping the image fully around the release makes for an enveloping and dense design.