AUS Records — Sei A

Introspective and absorbing home listening

After two years in the making we were proud to be involved in the release of Scottish producer Sei A’s third full length, 'Space in Your Mind' from AUS Music and !K7.

Space in Your Mind is an absorbing listen with many melodies and vocal lines lingering long in the memory. The album has a grainy, sparse sonic landscape feel to it with fractured vocals and dark drones eventually being cut through by bright melodies and heavy hymnal atmospheres.

To represent the many layers of the album we chose to work with a shot of Jodhpur, the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Jodphur is known as the "Blue City" because of the blue colours that decorate many of the houses in the old town area, a contrast to the stark landscape of the Thar Desert.