FARE — Istanbul

Documenting city culture through food, history, and community

Fare is a magazine exploring city culture through food, history, and community. Introducing its readers to a single city each issue, it lets the locals do the talking; taking you down backstreets and through forgotten histories, exploring neighbourhoods and local institutions, doing more than simply showcasing the food on offer.

By engaging with local photographers and commissioning contributors familiar with the city of Istanbul we were able to produce a publication with many voices, opinions and interpretations, accurately representing the unique mix of cultures and influences which span from Eastern Europe, into North Africa and the Middle East.

An iconic front cover image was shot on one of the cities most famous landmark bridges, the barriers becoming a design feature within the end papers of the magazine. Inside the photography style aims to be natural and honest, documenting the people that make up this vibrant place alongside the beautiful food that they make. 

Spread throughout the three distinct chapters of the magazine we also commissioned illustrations of the cities famous stray cat population. Found hiding in unexpected places within the design, the drawings cleverly interact with page content throughout the magazine.