A platform for a Saudi family office to explore investment opportunities

Corniche is the family office of the Farsi family. Led by Hani Farsi, the company organises the investments and holdings of the family, acting as a platform to explore further opportunities in urban planning, real estate, property development, the arts and philanthropy. 

For the identity, a sail icon was drawn; influenced by the boats that can be seen from the coastal road or 'Corniche' of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, crafted with precise lines to look dynamic and exciting. This was then partnered with a typeface constructed with similar mono-linear qualities. 

Due to the varied and diverse nature of the work that Corniche are involved with, we created a set of responsive websites built on a framework capable of containing varying content from the four divisions of the business operations. With small and subtle changes to the basic framework, each site has its own individual signature while remaining true to the overall aesthetic. 

The websites are all based on a simple two-column layout whereby the content of the website flips to the opposite side when translated into Arabic, allowing the text to be read in the correct way from right to left.  |